Bert Holtappels

Bert Holtappels

CEO & Founder

Bert is CEO and founder of Tanktwo. Prior to founding Tanktwo in 2012, Bert spent 15 years working in sales, BD, and program management for Nokia. Outside of global headquarters, Bert focused on carrier network sales and North American retail channel operations. Bert is based in New York.

James Haft

Chief Revenue Officer

James is Tanktwo’s chief revenue officer. He is the founder of PALcapital.com, an advisory firm specialized in developing and executing business development and funding strategies for technology and media businesses. Previously, James was the managing director of emerging markets investment banking for INGBarings, and the head of investment banking for BearStearns in Hong Kong. James graduated from Vassar College, and earned a JD/MBA from Emory University. In his spare time, James likes science fiction and plays Magic the Gathering with his sons.

Erik Torseke

SVP of Business Development

Erik is SVP of business development at Tanktwo. He has held several SVP level positions in automotive and industrial companies throughout North America and Europe, including at Valmet automotive, ITT, and ABB. Erik also acts as a consultant for CxOs within the automotive industry.

Sami Salomaa


Sami is Tanktwo’s advisor. An established entrepreneur, investor, and financing executive, Sami has worked for Fortune 500 company CFO’s across the world.

Juha Tuomola

Head of Engineering

Juha is head of engineering at Tanktwo, where he runs the main R&D program of the Tanktwo team and oversees all development. Prior to Tanktwo, Juha spent four years in Wisconsin working with power electronics for ABB. Juha is based in Finland.

Timo Rissanen

Head of Intellectual Property and Algorithms

Timo is head of intellectual property and algorithms at Tanktwo, handling the IPR portfolio as well as investor relations. Prior to Tanktwo Timo worked for Nokia, where he spent a decade on Linux based telecommunication network elements. Timo is based in Helsinki.

Heikki Juva

Head of System Security

Heikki is head of systems security at Tanktwo, where he works in networked systems security and software implementation. Heikki is based in Finland.

Paavo Helenius

Main System Architect

Paavo is the main systems architect for Tanktwo. Previously, Paavo accumulated over 20 years of telecommunications infrastructure R&D experience, designing and orchestrating major components of the Nokia TETRA, IMS, and GSM/3G network elements as well as their software architecture. Paavo is based in Finland.

Esa Halsti

Cloud Specialist & DevOps Engineer

Esa is a cloud specialist, devops engineer, and web developer from Turku, Finland. Esa joined Tanktwo in February 2017, and is based in Finland. Outside of Tanktwo, Esa has a keen interest in open data and plays the guitar.

Marko Sällinen

Lead Electronics Design Engineer

Marko is the lead electronics design engineer at Tanktwo, responsible for the electrical design and testing of various parts of the string battery system. Before joining Tanktwo in February 2017, Marko worked for Nokia and Microsoft, gaining over 18 years of experience in electrical and systems design for smart phones. Marko is based in Finland.

Sami Mahamoed

Embedded Systems Engineer

Sami is an embedded systems engineer based in Vantaa, Finland. Before joining Tanktwo in February 2017, Sami worked on Arc Protection devices at Arcteq in Vaasa, Finland. Sami helps develop candy firmware and related interface softwares for TMU. Outside of Tanktwo, Sami is working towards his Master’s in automotive & electrical engineering at Aalto University.

Aleksi Torhamo

Embedded Software Developer 

Aleksi is an embedded software developer at Tanktwo. He is passionate about low level software. Aleksi is based in Finland.

Gilbert Villarreal

President, Automotive and Aerospace

Mr. Villarreal is a former US Marine and later built his career in aerospace with the Boeing Aircraft Company. He later transitioned into the automotive and marine industries as the CEO of Acord Incorporated, a leader in automotive interior trim systems and then as the CEO of Concorde Marine, a luxury yacht manufacturer. As an industrialist with a diverse portfolio, Mr. Villarreal has successfully restructured companies in the automotive and marine yacht building industries.

Leila Ben Mamoun

Junior Analyst

Leila is a junior analyst for Tanktwo, focusing on business data, analytics, and management. Outside of Tanktwo, Leila studies at Yale University. Leila is based in New York.

Alexander Bodensohn

VP of Business Development (EMEA)

Alexander is the Tanktwo sales director in Germany, also working as a consultant for CxO level automotive industry experts throughout Germany. Prior to Tanktwo, Alexander was senior manager for Daimler and spent 20 years working in sales and marketing, business development, and R&D for electronics and electronics storage. Alexander is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Matthew Alhonte

Data Scientist

Matt is a data scientist for Tanktwo with 9 years of experience working at the intersection of scientific research, software, and data for academic, business, and government settings. Prior to Tanktwo, Matt worked with a research hospital in New York City, analyzing electrophysiological readings collected from patients during spinal surgery. Matt is based in New York.