We May Not Win a Nobel Prize. . .  But We’ll Make the World Spin More Smoothly


by Bert Holtappels, Founder & CEO


We’re about efficiency. Efficiency is progress. Progress is inevitable. Progress is where profits lie.


Reinventing the wheel is rarely the fastest path to profits. Instead, we create efficiency more efficiently.


We cherrypick proven technologies from various sectors in electrification, mobility, and data. We connect them and uncover untapped potential with our proprietary algorithms. We create efficiency (which equals profits) within the last fraction of any operating system where no one has been able to optimize and monetize at scale.


We build the little hinge that moves the big door. We do jujitsu with algorithms.


We bridge the latest technologies in different fields and create a whole that’s exponentially larger than the sum of the parts.


The convergence of electrification, mobility, and data analytics Tanktwo's technology position us to take advantage of the convergence of electrification, mobility, and dats


Why Batteries, Why Now?


Electrification is inevitable thanks to the convergence of environmental concerns, geopolitical instability, and regulations. While batteries are commodified, we don’t have any system that can connect them to key economical parameters so they’re viable as an asset.


The system for matching supply and demand, such as dynamic pricing, doesn’t yet exist in electrification. But it’s the linchpin to implementing mobility technologies at scale to achieve the highest environmental and socio-economical impact.


Even though our string cells may look like a bunch of space eggs (but for very good reason,) in most cases they actually utilize mainstream lithium battery technologies and can be mass-produced cost-efficiently. Meanwhile, our algorithms mastermind the optimization process — drastically increasing the utilization rate of a unit of lithium by 20 to 90%.


We’re Not Going For World Domination. . .  Not Yet


In the ideal world, we don’t have to make more things to satisfy demands. The future is about optimizing resources by creating efficiencies.


When information can flow without friction, demand and supply will meet each other to eliminate shortage and excess. Society can achieve the highest efficiency in all areas — from energy and food to transportation and medication — and distribute the resources to the right people in the right place and at the right time.


Tanktwo’s technologies are structured to achieve this long-term vision. But Rome wasn’t built in one day.


We ground our short- and medium-term vision in today’s business environment to create the safest investment opportunity for those who realize the growth potential of green tech yet recognize that the constant stream of “bright shiny objects” isn’t the answer.


We take a completely different approach to monetizing green tech — we identify the key pieces of the puzzle and connect the dots ahead of time so we’re set to profit when they come together within a specific time horizon.


We leverage proven technologies to eliminate as many unknowns as possible so we can focus on building a machine that ties together advances in data management, wireless communications, internet, optimization algorithms, and anything else that comes our way.


We focus on operations and executions to act as fast as we can on the opportunities that are right under our nose. We’re positioning our partners, investors, and customers in the right place and at the right time to flip the switch and benefit from the convergence of influences that will change how the world works — just like the internet, wireless revolution, and smart mobility of the past few decades.


Progress Waits For No One


The progress toward higher efficiency is inevitable. The question is — we can either be on the bandwagon or sit on the sideline.


The opportunity is here for green tech partners and investors to position themselves at the right place when the convergence reaches maturity by staying at the cutting edge without any unnecessary risk — because our technology responds to and moves with the cutting edge.


All you need to do is to cast the web that we have already weaved — see our latest investment opportunities here.