Tanktwo’s first Soapbox moment!

There is no shortage of “time-proven methods” to start a new business: “build it and they will come”, “fake it until you make it”, “succeed or die trying”, to mention a few.

In reality, of course, things are a little more complicated. Unless you already have the network, skills and financial resources from a successful exit, kicking something new out of the ground is largely an iterative affair. After thinking, writing, pitching, and building stuff (usually a couple times), there comes a time for customer reality and upping the game. Time to shift gears! (*)

Tanktwo has been working feverishly since the summer of 2012, and step after step things were getting more real.

  • Can this ever work? (yes it can, in theory – we proved later we could)
  • Can you make a business out of this? (If you can build it, you bet – and we did build it)
  • Can this be protected? (sure, just get a good IPR firm to help you!)
  • Can it be that no one has ever thought of this before? (so it seems, hindsight is 20/20!)
  • Are there visionaries ready to take the leap to help kickstart the business? (yes, a few, and you know who you are. Thank you!)
  • Can we find customers to put the world’s smartest batteries in their cars? (so it seems, they are at least considering it!)
  • But, can we scale this thing up?

Everyone has an opinion of where the “moment of truth” is. Shifting the scope from a boutique-approach with limited customers, to a broader funnel is where I think the business grows up. Since that moment is now, I considered this a good moment to step up and let everyone know that we’re open for business.

Take a look at the press release, the Q&A, the video, the pictures and – if you are so inclined – some of the technical documents. You will share my enthusiasm for what we have done.

If your business needs big batteries that can be charged in a flash and cost way less than the next choice – and you are not yet buying from us, get in touch.


(*) It is very much not done these days to close pep talks with “let’s put the needle on the record!” – and there is little doubt that shifting gears will soon share that destiny. Electric cars don’t need variable transmissions with whiplash-inducing torque on tap from zero RPM.