The Tanktwo patent pipeline starts to flow

I’m in Vantaa right now, where a once-in-a-generation 82% solar eclipse took place just a couple of hours ago. The majestic display of nature’s awesomeness was unfortunately toned down by a foggy haze, so that we all were squinting at the surroundings trying to convince one another that “Yeah, I think it looks a little more gray than half an hour ago. Definitely! Right?”

Now, in Finland people know a thing or two about various shades of grey. Due to the latitude, the sun doesn’t come up for more than a month in some parts of the country, and in the southern places where it “does come up”, the brightest moments of the day are of a muggy grey that puts Beijing to shame. Luckily, the place is pristine, but for all the clean healthy air, Philips still needs to cart in the bright lights by the containerload without so much putting a dent in the SAD scores.

The patent process feels a little like winter in Finland. When the leaves start falling, you know that it is going to be a long, long time before there will be any signs of life again. You submit patent applications, over which you have been sweating, arguing, swearing and crying (when the lawyer’s bills come in), and then there is… nothing. For a long period of time, you wait. You wait some more. Then you start thinking… what if someone… And then, the anxiety surfaces. Darn, we should have added this! Thought of that! Said this differently. Formulated it more clearly. Removed such and such. Anxiety comes and goes in waves, not unlike the range anxiety electric car drivers suffer. The electric car drivers that do not have Tanktwo powered cars, of course; because Tanktwo was created specifically to solve this problem once and for all.

It is soon going to be April, and who knows, maybe in a few weeks some brave piece of vegetation will mark the left edge of the Bell curve and turn the landscape green. The first few Tanktwo patent applications are now public, and they, too, mark the beginning of a lot of activity that there is to come.

Please take a look at our patent documents, for example on

Go ahead and rip them to shreds. We would love to hear from you about how we should improve the String Battery. It may be the best thing since sliced monolithic batteries, but it is also only the beginning of a long and exciting ride.